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The Humanitarian Media Agency (HUMA), exists to inspire good, by providing complete media solutions for the people and organisations who are dedicated to making this world a better place for all.

HUMA understands that NGOs, Non-Profits, Charities, Religious Institutions and Academic Organisations are often limited with fiscal restraints.

HUMA is committed to providing a media solution that fits within the budget of the organisation.

HUMA engages with local artists, designers and producers with the aim to build up local capacity in media and communication production.

HUMA's team have years of experience in this field of media and communication, and therefore understand the unique needs of the international humanitarian and development community, and is sensitive to the requirements and guidelines that these communities operate under.


Humanitarian media & development commmunication

HUMA can provide your organisation with a complete media solution. From overall organisational visibility positioning and branding, to project level communication components, activities and advertising.

VIDEO - documentaries, social media clips, television commercials, educational videos, fundraising promos.

PHOTO - photojournalism, event coverage, photographic commissions

PRINT - annual reports, newsletters, brochures, stationary, newspaper / magazine advertising, posters, billboards and project booklets.


Nico Hertweck


After several years working as first assistant director for film and TV, Nico studied experimental and documentary film at the University of Arts Berlin. He received a grant from UdK Berlin, and furthered his studies at the California Institute of the Arts. Nico joined HUMA moving to Lao PDR in 2011.

Abel Pouyat
Video editor


Young but already experienced, Abel joined HUMA in 2015. As learning about video production is still difficult in Lao PDR, Abel taught himself the art of video making. From shooting to editing via animation, he has already contributed to numerous productions in Lao PDR.

Mela Phommasane 
Accountant & video editor


Mela worked as a financial accountant before joining HUMA in january 2015. She is in charge of the accounting and translation from english to lao as well as transcriptions. She also acquired video editing skills and takes part in the video production process.

Anan Manivanh
Video editing

​Anan is the latest addition to the HUMA team. Like Abel, Anan taught himself video making. His video editing and sound recording skills have been of great help for yte company.


HUMA's international team and locations are well positioned to provide affordable and efficient production services to our partners in Asia with a focus in Southeast Asia. HUMA’s main office is located in Vientiane, Lao PDR. HUMA is growing rapidly and will be establishing operations in more locations in Asia soon.

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